Barcelona former president Rosell on rumors of Barcelona bribery.

Sandro Rosell (former Barcelona President): “Negreira? Of course I knew who he was. He did referee reports for us. All the big teams in the world use referee reports. There has been a huge fuss, as happens every four or five years at Barça. Cases come out. The thing about the Masia boys came out,  now this one, and in a few years another one will come out . Nobody has done an analysis that if we paid about 400,000 euros a year, we made about 100 reports, which would be about 4,000 euros per match report. 4,000 euros for a referee report that can save you from a yellow card or a penalty”.

Sandro Rosell: “The bribery thing is fantastic because you must be a public official and they have just twisted it because after the investigations they have not found anything .Show me a game where the referee helped us. I can show many where he did not help us. We have lost the league in the last game due to an error recognized by the referee.”

Sandro Rosell: “A very simple thing has been made into a ball. He made reports, yes, he was paid, yes, normal. What influence did he have? Zero. When people say this they are questioning all the first-class referees and second division. In this country we are very used to killing the person and then asking if they were guilty.”

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