Carlo Ancelotti on Real Madrid game against the Naples

Fede Valverde at the press conference today.

Fede Valverde: “It’s very important to keep winning in UEFA Champions League, we are looking forward to the game vs Napoli, it’s a big game.”

Fede Valverde: “Last season wasn’t the season. We won Copa Del Rey, but we always want to win more.”

Fede Valverde: “Modric is the same guy always, he is a key player, he has been so since I arrived here. He is a point of reference to me, we have NEVER seen him complain, he is always focused to give everything for Real Madrid.”

Fede Valverde: “We have to keep learning from Luka Modric until the day he hangs up his boots. Kroos, Modric, Casemiro is the best midfield EVER.”

“Casemiro helped me a lot here. When I came here it was Kroos, Modric, Casemiro, Isco – it was amazing and I learned a lot from them. It takes some time to adapt with the new formation (4-4-2), we have to listen to the manager always. I think I am playing well, I am improving, but I am constantly learning, I always want to improve, to be better.”

Fede Valverde: “How I lived the last year? I am not going to remember the personal part because they are hard times that I have lived with my wife, but they are things in life, which is putting obstacles in your way. You have to be as positive as possible.”

Fede Valverde: “I feel better than ever before in the new formation.”

Fede Valverde: “Jude Bellingham has everything to be a captain, and I hope he will be a captain here at Real Madrid. It looks like he has been here forever. No team is invincible, but I guarantee we are going to be a very tough team to beat. It’s my dream to be Real Madrid’s captain one day. I wore the captain armband at Uruguay, it was an amazing feeling. I hope to be able to do the same at Real Madrid one day.”

Carlo Ancelotti: “We are up against one of the best teams in Italy, it is going to be a very tough match. We need to put up a special performance.”

Carlo Ancelotti: “Bellingham is settling very quickly, he is a very good player.”

Carlo Ancelotti: “I think we have the BEST team in the world.”

Carlo Ancelotti: “Modric played in the UCL, in the derby. There is a lot of competition in the midfield, there are no problems with Modric, but I have to make some decisions, and sometimes, they are not easy.”

Carlo Ancelotti: “There is always gonna be a player who will be on the bench, you can’t ask me everytime why some played why not.”

Carlo Ancelotti: “Mendy is fit, he is recovered, he is ready to play if needed.”

Ancelotti: “If we can keep a clean sheet, the victory is always closer. It is important to be good defensively and we did that vs Girona.”

Carlo Ancelotti: “This is gonna be the toughest game in the group.”

Carlo Ancelotti: “I know who will play tomorrow upfront. Do you want to know? (laughs)”

Carlo Ancelotti: “Camavinga is a great all-round player who can play in several positions. If you ask him LB or bench? He would definitely say LB. He can play everywhere.”

Ancelotti: “Kvara and Osimhen are very, very good. They can play in any team in the world and they will have a great future.”

Carlo Ancelotti: “We called Portu and apologized to him, there is nothing more we can do. It was a mistake and he apologized, we have nothing more to say.”

Carlo Ancelotti: “Camavinga won’t play LB regularly. We have got Mendy and Fran Garcia there, the position is well covered.”

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