Erik Ten Hag conference ahead of their UEFA champions league match

Erik ten Hag on the loss to Crystal Palace: “We are disappointed about the result. You have to analyse the game, see the problems and move forward.”

Erik ten Hag on Antony’s availability: “Antony will be in consideration but yesterday was his first time back in team training. We have a final training, then we’ll make a decision.” Antony is in Manchester United training.

Erik ten Hag on if the team isn’t making progress: “I think I don’t agree with that. The team is moving forward, but we have to make adjustments as well. When you don’t have a [fit] left back, we have to change and we did.”

Erik ten Hag on the poor start to the season: “At the end of the day, it’s about results and we didn’t get the result we were looking for, which is very disappointing.”

Raphael Varane on the Champions League: “I think the competition is about details. You have to be efficient to win it, in the last weeks, we can improve that, being better in front of goal.” Varane: “We need to create a lot to score and that’s the reality of the top level, you must be efficient to win trophies.We have the quality in the squad to win the competition but we have to improve.”

Erik ten Hag on the standard of refereeing: “I don’t give comments often on refereeing because they do what they need to do. The standards need to be high.”

Erik ten Hag on officiating in the Premier League: “You can expect, the fans can, a high standard, so it should be because it’s the Premier League. I’m sure they do what they can, I trust them.”

Erik ten Hag on the message that bringing Antony back could potentially send: “Antony co-operated fully and it came out, he’s not charged.”

Erik ten Hag on Lisandro Martinez’s injury: “I can confirm, yeah. Licha Martinez will undergo surgery.”

Manchester United fc will confirm their squad for the UCL game later today.

Varane: “Yes, I think so [can United win Champions League], the quality is in the squad. The competition is difficult, you have to take of every detail, but we have a team with quality, a good mentality.”

Varane on the squad bouncing back from the poor start to the season: “We have to make some improvements, it wasn’t the start to the season we expected, but I still believe we can compete with the best teams in the world.”

Varane on the young players: “I think they are doing well, They bring energy to the team, they are still learning, which is normal and the players with more experience, it’s important to lead by example. We have a lot to do and as leaders, we have to show them [young players] and talk to them. Hopefully they can bring talent and passion to the pitch and improve the squad.”

Erik ten Hag on the underperforming players: “You have to deal with. Exepreinced players know how to deal with it and it’s not the first time we’re in this situation because that’s a career, it’s not only highlights, it’s a journey and that will have bumps.”

Erik ten Hag: “Now it’s about the character, what you have to show and how to get out. There are many positives but things we need to improve on.”

Erik ten Hag on if performances are more important than just getting results: “Top football is all about results, but if the execution is not right, the process is not right, you don’t win, so both.”

Erik ten Hag on a possible debut for Bayindir: “You will see. But we chose in the League Cup to play Andre [Onana] because he [Bayindir] has to adapt to the England standard. That’s why we preferred Andre to play. We have to progress Altay, that’s clear. He’s made a very good impression in training and he’s really developing, so we’re really happy with it. We are convinced we have the two right goalkeepers in the squad to do the job for us.”

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