Manchester United boss Erik Ten Hag on the match against Bayern Munich.

Bayern, unbeaten in 34 Champions League games plays Manchester United at 7pm today. Bayern Munich v Manchester United is going to be carnage

Ten Hag: “It is great and this [Munich] is a great place. A historical club and a club that has as big achievements as #mufc does so when those two institutes face each other, it is a great match. Everyone has a look at it and it is really enjoyable to be part of it.” 

Ten Hag: “I see that [Hunger] all the time but we have to put it [right] during the matches. During parts of games we are doing well but also we go below our standards in some occasions. We have to learn from that and we have to step up. We have to do better than this because otherwise you don’t win big games.” 

Ten Hag on if #mufc are missing some luck at times: “Yeah, but I think you put it right and you have to make your own luck. We can’t be dependent on luck or un-luck. We can’t blame anybody else. We have to look in the mirror and get better results.” 

Ten Hag: “ #UCL matches are great matches to be part of. It is going to be a great game I am sure, from start to finish. You have to be front foot and you have to be happy to be part of it but also you have to show it on the pitch. You have to give everything in such a game and then you know as a player you have to suffer. You have to sacrifice to get the right result.” 

 Ten Hag: “Tonight we put a great team on the pitch that can get the win. We have to believe in that from the start until the end, even when the extra time is 10 minutes.” 

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