Manchester United star Antony has been expelled from the Brasil National Team Squad following the recent allegations against him by his ex-girlfriend.

Manchester United winger Antony has been recently accused by his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin. It has caused Antony an expelled from the Brasil national team squad.

The first attack occurred on July 2022. Antony pulled her out of a party, grabbing her arm and hair. He then pushed her into his car. She was 17 weeks pregnant at the time but she miscarried a few days later. She, however, doesn’t directly blame Antony’s alleged actions for the loss of her unborn child.

On Jan 2023, the second attack happened. Antony assaulted her ‘out of jealousy’ and was eventually seen by two Manchester United doctors. She underwent surgery due to the displacement of her silicone prosthesis during this event.

The 3rd event which was witnessed by the girl’s friend and Antony’s mother. She had a cut on her finger, from a cup broken by Antony.
Later that day, Antony broke her phone and assaulted her again.

May 2023 Antony called her and said that if he saw her with someone else, he would ‘kill’ her.

Antony, who is already facing accusations of domestic violence from his former girlfriend, is now facing additional allegations of violence from two other women. The first woman claims she was assaulted outside a nightclub, while the second alleges that Antony pushed her against a wall after she refused his advances. In a recent development, a third woman has come forward, accusing Antony of physical assault. An interview with Ingrid Lana which was aired on Sunday evening by Portuguese channel Record TV.

Another woman, Ingrid Lana, has come forward in a television interview, alleging that Antony invited her to his house and forcefully pushed her against a wall, resulting in her hitting her head. During the interview, Lana claimed, “He tried to pursue a romantic relationship with me, but I was not interested. He pushed me against the wall, causing me to hit my head. My intention was purely business-oriented. Upon arriving at his invitation, I soon realized he had hidden motives.”

Junior Pedroso, Antony’s agent, stated, “We are refraining from commenting due to an ongoing investigation at a police station in São Paulo, Brazil. Several individuals mentioned by the accuser are currently being interviewed. It is crucial to handle this investigative process with utmost care to establish the facts accurately.”Antony will not make any statements until the justice system has provided its opinion on the matter, which, in our understanding, is unfavorable to Gabriela. It is worth noting that she consistently appears in the media when she knows it can harm Antony. This was evident when he was called up for the Brazilian national team and now on the day of his presentation. However, the facts being discussed are the same ones being examined in the ongoing investigation. In response to the situation, the Brazilian national team and the CBF have released a statement, emphasizing the need to investigate the allegations in order to protect the alleged victim, the player, and the reputation of the team and organization.

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