Oriol Romeu conference ahead of tomorrow’s champions league game against Royal Antwerp

Oriol Romeu in the press conference before the match against Royal Antwerp tomorrow in UCL.
“I am excited, it is a stage where all the players want to be and being able to do so with a club with Barça is unbeatable. The feelings are very positive, we have a very good dynamic and I hope we can continue like this.”

Romeu continues.

“The feeling is one of optimism, of having a good year in Europe and competing better than other years, it is an objective of the squad and the club, to reach the final phases and compete against top teams, the squad is prepared to take a step forward, tomorrow is the first litmus test and we have to prove it.”

Romeu continues.

 “Barça always needs to win, compete and aspire to the best, regardless of the moment and the season, you want to win and be as high as possible. We want to start the competition well and be leaders, and show our credentials, be protagonists and create chances and put the opponent in difficulties.”

 Romeu on the Joaos.

“Each player contributes different and positive things. They have both adapted very well in the group, they were both very excited to come and we could feel it from the first day. They are two high-level players, Cancelo, a fullback who has shown and adapts well to the level and to our football, and Joao Felix has great version between the lines and has plenty of level to help us.” 

 Romeu on his debut in UCL back in 2011.

“Many years have passed, it has rained a lot, when you go to Southampton to think that you will be in the Barça squad and play with a leading role is difficult to imagine, but football takes many turns and the situation is which it is and I am happy and happy and eager to play a good role. It is the most beautiful competition there can be for the player.”

 Romeu on his role.

“I carry it out in the most natural way possible, doing the things I have to do and knowing my role. And adapting in the best way possible. I’m feeling good but I’m sure there are things I can still improve. Both at the level individually and collectively, this is the line to follow. The season is very long.”

 Romeu on his relationship with Frenkie De Jong.

“Off the field he is very good, Frenkie is an excellent guy, wonderful and very open, from the first day he has been very kind to me, like other teammates. On the field he is a luxury, he is capable of breaking the line, he always holds it or gives it to you in the best conditions, I see him as one of the best midfielders in Europe, he is leading the team and physically he can withstand very high rhythms. You have to make these players feel comfortable and Barça feels good and appreciates it.”

Romeu on winning the champions league.

“It is one of the trophies that a player can be most excited about, there is no need to even explain it, as a child you already dream of reaching these stages and playing in these competitions. Seeing our idols as children and the excitement you already have, It explains everything. Motivation is not necessary because a player comes with an extra base of enthusiasm.”

Romeu on Gavi.

“Gavi is a player who, for his age, is to be admired for the experience and attitude he brings to every game. He always oriented himself well and knows how to interpret the game. Inside the locker room, having him by your side is a pleasure. I hope he can continue to be at this level. The competition is very high.”

Romeu on Royal Antwerp.

“The message is easy and simple. The team is growing and improving game by game. Against Betis it was at a very high level and the objective is to continue in that line. Antwerp has young players and we should be at a good level.”

Romeu continues.

“Above all, I know Alderweireld, who I met in England, and Janssen, the striker, they are a well-worked team that is used to winning and is going to put us in difficulties.”

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