Vitor Roque recent interview on his Barca move.

Vitor Roque on the exact moment when his agents told him that Barça were interested in signing him.

“Yes, yes, when I received the news I was very happy. At first I didn’t believe it, but when it was talked about like that, that it was official, and when I saw the offers, the conversations, I was very happy and shared it with my family, everyone was very happy and excited too.”

Vitor Roque on him wanting to go to Barça but doesn’t know if it’ll happen in January.

“Yes, yes, it is not easy, but I always try to have a calm mind, I try to work daily, now focused on recovering from the injury. I think it is the most important thing at the moment.”

Vitor Roque mentioned on what Deco told him about his registration in January when they met yesterday.

“They are positive conversations that anything can happen in January, but if it doesn’t happen, head well, calm down and focus here on Athletico.”

Vitor Roque on what Xavi told him.

“The first time Xavi called me along with Deco, they told me that they were happy to have been able to close my signing for Barcelona and that they were going to help me in every way, as a coach and as a friend off the field.”

Vitor Roque on what Raphinha told him.

“That they were waiting for me and that they were eager to play with me. And when I arrive they will help me adapt well.”

Vitor Roque told the reporter on who called him first after his transfer to Barça was official.

“Before it closed, Araujo called me. First he sent a message to Canobbio (Uruguayan and Vitor’s teammate at Ath. Paranaense) and told “Come to Barça, come, come and play with us!” he told me. And then Raphinha sent me a message.”

Vitor Roque said on his injury.

“I’m very well, I’m recovering well, my recovery is being optimal. I am very young, so that also helps a lot. Every day I go to the training centre, I do physiotherapy, I always do two sessions and sometimes I also treat myself at night here. I still have the idea of playing with Athletico. If everything goes well with the recovery, I think I’ll play.”

Vitor Roque’s message to Barça fans via @mundodeportivo: “I am very happy to be able to wear that shirt soon, with certainty that nothing will be missing. I have two things to say: Visca Barça i Visca Catalunya.”

Vitor Roque said on if he ever feared that his signing for Barcelona could be complicated especially with many more clubs being interested.

“No, no, I always had the conviction that it would be Barcelona, I always had the will, it was always my dream, so, I was always clear that I wanted to go to Barcelona.”

So others could offer you all the money in the world and you would still want Barça?

“Yes, yes, only Barça.”

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