Xavi in the press conference before the game against Porto.

“We have a lot of players with one more year, with more experience, who have already won titles here. We have strengthened well, and, in this competition, we hope to be at the level that Barça requires. It’s an ideal scenario to prove it.”

Xavi continues.

“I think in general we have to reflect and stop this. We see ghosts in the Champions League but we have players who have won a lot in the Champions League, like Gündogan and Cancelo, and we have to think positive. We have to compete and take a step forward through the game and impose our personality. It won’t be easy against Porto, but we started well, we are leaders.”

Xavi continues.

“I don’t think about being first or second. I think about the standings and it’s three points. Look no further. It is the most important because it is the immediate one. Tough tough opponent, historic, in a spectacular field and in a scenario for the great footballers. Welcome this scenario.”

Xavi on Porto.

“They like to have the ball but also close down well. They win a lot of duels. They are strong with set pieces… We have analysed it and we will try to compete in the best possible way.”

Xavi continues.

“No, I say, I face it naturally, with desire. They are positive challenges, we do not have the feeling of football fear, we arrive at a good time, and we will try to win. It’s three points.”

Xavi continues.

“I’ve learned not to be too euphoric when it’s going well and vice versa. I have to have emotional stability for myself and for my players. This is football, and you can win or lose, but with a lot of competitiveness. I’ve learned to treat everything more naturally.”

Xavi on Fermin.

“He’s part of the first team, he’s earned it, he’s dynamic, I like him a lot and it’s a surprise for everyone. I think he can help us a lot, he has a lot of level and if he believes he can be a Barça player for many years. He is ready to participate.”

Xavi on Nico Gonzalez.

“We take him into account, he still has to train, he needs minutes and we believed that his arrival at Porto could benefit him. Although there is a lot of competition at Porto, I think he has a level.”

Xavi continues.

“They are very strong and fast in transitions, and we are prepared if they make a line of five. I consider myself an offensive and brave coach and you don’t have to change him. You have to have balance but above all be brave and go on the attack.”

Xavi on Lewandowski.

“I talk to him a lot. He is an involved player, he tells me what he sees… Last year we didn’t compete, and everything happened to us, but it’s no longer an excuse. You have to compete to at least reach 2nd round.”

Xavi continues.

“They are missing important players, so do we, but it is no excuse, and they have players to make up for the losses. It will be 11 against 11.”

Xavi on Felix.

“The summary is that he is happy, he benefits from a position where he enhances his talent, he looks for the team, and all his talent comes out. He’s supportive, generous and that’s why things are coming out for him.”

Xavi continues.

“I remember Porto de Jardel, the Porto champion of the Champions League, and they are a very strong team, Conceiçao is doing things very well, in Europe and in their league and they are a historic team that we respect a lot.”

Xavi on Lamine Yamal.

“We have expert players and very young players, like Balde, Gavi, Lamine… And this mixture makes the equipment flow. The experience and the self-confidence and dynamism of young people matter. And hopefully Lamine marks an era, but we don’t do him a favor by talking about that and comparisons with Messi.”

Xavi on fielding an XI with 4 midfielders.

“Last year gave us stability and confidence and we can see it again, we didn’t discover anything. You can see a team with four midfielders at any time.”

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