Simone Inzaghi alleged team talk being investigated by FIGC and Francesco Acerbi under investigation for showing middle finger to Roma fans last weekend.

Inter manager Simone Inzaghi had given the Nerazzurri players a video call team talk during their Serie A clash against Roma and the move is now under the scanner of FIGC.

Roma had been 2-1 up against Inter in the first-half and after their 4-2 win, Alessandro Bastoni had told the media that Inzaghi did speak to the players at halftime through the ‘speakerphone’. Inzaghi’s assistant Massimiliano Farris had later clarified that there hadn’t been a video call but a communication from the manager through the staff and he never directly spoke to the players.

La Repubblica state that this has caught the attention of FIGC and according to the Code of Sports Justice (article 21, paragraph 9), disqualified coaches ‘are precluded, during matches, from directing the team by any means, assistance on the pitch and in the changing rooms as well as access to the playing area and the changing rooms.’

Inter are currently said to be optimistic that they would not be sanctioned, but the expectation is that a supplementary investigation could be required from FIGC’s end.

Inter defender Francesco Acerbi is currently under investigation for how having shown a middle finger to Roma fans yesterday in the Serie A.

Acerbi had scored Inter’s first of four goals in the club’s 4-2 win over Roma, as the Giallorossi fans had abused the defender, who had as a result shown them a middle finger. It was initially expected that Acerbi would not face any sanctions but things could now change.

La Gazzetta dello Sport state that Acerbi’s action has not gone unnoticed. His act of showing the middle finger was caught on the cameras and it has landed on prosecutor Giuseppe Chine’s table for investigation. The ex- Lazio defender’s case and point of view will be heard in the next few days.

As of now, it seems likely that he could get a plea deal that would only result in a fine. If not, he could be handed a disqualification or suspension from playing for some games.

Serie A clubs are set to propose a new document for reform in the league to the FIGC tomorrow and there is tension amongst clubs.

Corriere della Sera today have provided some details and updates about the situation, after they did the same yesterday. While everyone does agree that Serie A needs reform, but there is debate about what has to be reformed and changed.

Lega Serie A wants to adopt a model which is closer to the Premier League, as it wants to separate from FIGC to seek more autonomy. Milan, Inter, Roma and Juventus have already asked to reduce the number of teams in the league, which has led to other clubs being angry about the current situation.

Because of the stakeholders, there is tension in the structure. The most contentious idea in the proposal revolves around the reduction of teams in the professional structure and the league’s idea of gaining autonomy. They believe that they account for 85 percent of the FIGC’s football revenues across the system but accounts for only 12 percent of the assembly, which is why the document will speak for a more balanced and efficient representation for the league.

When it comes to the idea of reducing teams in Serie A, a heated argument took place between Lazio CEO Claudio Lotito and Inter’s lawyer, Angelo Capellini, with the Biancocelesti currently against the regulation. As of now, clubs in opposition to the reduction of teams are targetting Inter CEO Beppe Marotta, who represents Serie A in the FIGC federal council and in a meeting of the council on Monday, Marotta could be asked to resign.

The feeling is that this is a huge step for the league and Italian football and is expected to be full of complications.

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